Digital Listening

These are unprecedented, fast-moving times. And every single one of us is thinking, feeling and behaving differently, often from one day to the next. Now is a time to listen. To empathise. And to respond to our customers' new needs, views and behaviours, as quickly and effectively as we can.

Using Brandwatch, the most powerful digital listening tool out there, we’re able to identify and understand these shifting mindsets, moods and motivations.

Giving us the information we need to inform our comms and respond appropriately during this difficult time.

How brandwatch works

Brandwatch searches data from websites, forums and social platforms, including historic data going back two years. Using data from a hundred million sources and over a trillion posts, it helps brands identify and understand their audiences in real time.

At krow, we create bespoke queries, based around the information you need. Brandwatch then taps into relevant conversations to provide sentiment analysis.

Using the tool, we’re able to present our findings visually, making it easier to understand data, competitor activities, and trends.

Our Listening Packages

Three options to support your current business needs and budget.



  • One research question, including set-up
  • Review of historic data (up to one year)
  • Research to identify keywords, queries and categories
  • One day of analysis, including: volume of mentions/impressions, sentiment and top topics
  • Report capturing learnings, observations and a minimum of three actionable insights


In addition to our Snapshot package;

  • Review of historic data (up to two years)
  • Exploring audience insights gleaned from ‘Snapshot’ analysis
  • Three days' analysis, including: in depth data cleaning, further insights around your objective and any trends
  • Report capturing learnings and observations, and a minimum of five actionable insights

Deep dive

In addition to our Explore package;

  • Up to three research questions
  • Exploration of key topics and insights
  • A total of ten days' analysis*
  • Report capturing learnings and observations, and a minimum of eight actionable insights

*Depending on available data

Let's get started.

If you would like to find out more about how we could support you with our digital listening packages, please contact our Social Media Director