Empowering the real doughnut experts

Fuelling engagement by feeding a passion for doughnuts

Krispy Kreme planned to introduce new, limited-edition doughnuts. They needed to find a way to excite their fanbase, get them talking about the new arrivals, and, ultimately, convert that buzz into increased footfall.

Doughnut paint palette
Doughnut 3D model

The Big Positive Impact

From doughnut devotees to proud co-creators

Everything Krispy Kreme do is designed to make their customers happy.

And they’ve been rewarded with a large, loyal fanbase. So, it made sense to reward them in turn, by involving them in the creation and launch of the ‘ultimate doughnut’. Empowering fans while feeding their passion for doughnuts could only be a win-win.

Our Perfect Perfection campaign provided a clever way to talk about the new doughnut flavours, both individually and as a collection. A series of social videos highlighted the creative inspiration behind each one – from the Scientist’s Invention to the Artist’s Masterpiece. Via a dedicated microsite, customers were then able to cast a vote for which one they wanted to see in store, and even suggest the perfect name.

Krispy Kreme social

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